13-Year-Old Cat Will Only Sleep If You Holds His Paw
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13-Year-Old Cat Will Only Sleep If You Holds His Paw

Sometimes the bonds we make with our pets are stronger than any other. Unlike humans, their love is simple, constant, and unconditional. Cat or dog, you always know someone is at home awaiting your return, keeping you company. Almost nothing hurts more than parting with such a friend. And imagine the sadness they must experience, too!

Jamie, a thirteen-year-old tomcat in Australia, fell into a depression when her elderly owner moved into a nursing home and reluctantly gave her up to the RSPCA. Not only was Jamie suffering from withdrawal, but she also had the flu, bad teeth, and kidney troubles. Things were not looking so good for this sweet, old feline!

Fortunately, Jamie had all of his medical issues resolved – medicine for the flu and kidney troubles as well as teeth removal –, but he was still lonely and homesick. That is, until Sarah Dempsey came along.

Jamie Finds A New Home

Another Australian resident, Sarah was only considering adopting a pet when she went to the RSPCA shelter and met Jamie. Sarah told The Dodo that she happened upon the cat tranquilly sleeping and couldn’t resist petting him. At the touch of her hand, Jamie purred, and Sarah was a goner.

 Sarah quickly changed from considering adoption to adopting and took her new pet home with her. After spending some time with him, Sarah said, “He is extremely affectionate, head-bumping and weaving around my legs. He likes talking to me at night and follows me around my apartment.”

A Cute Touch

As if Jamie wasn’t already sweet enough, Sarah discovered another adorable part of his personality. He loves to hold hands! When he started in for a snooze on her chest, Jamie reached out a paw towards her hand and slept peacefully when she held it.

 There’s nothing more heart-warming than a story of a lonely pet finding a lonely person and the two keep each other company. What seemed like a sad ending for Jamie turned out to be a whole new beginning!

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