An Outdoor Nap With A Cat
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An Outdoor Nap With A Cat

Ali Safa is a guy who lives in Canberra, Australia and has learned a few nifty things about afternoon naps outside. He has also discovered napping with a kitten is the very best. Everyone knows that too short a nap can leave you very tired while sleeping too long will throw off your sleep pattern. Well, Ali and his companion kitten have set a whole new level for the perfect snooze.

As the story goes, Ali went outside in the afternoon, enjoyed the sun and then drifted off to sleep. Later on, when he woke up he was no longer alone, he was greeted by a sweet kitten. It seems the kitten thought his lap was the perfect place to enjoy her nap while Ali continued to enjoying his nap totally unaware of his new visitor. Then when he woke up, much to his surprise, this dear little kitten was contently sleeping and dreaming.

Ali said he was taking a nap on the balcony of his house. Approximately 2 hours later, he woke up and found this little kitten sound asleep on his stomach. In a sleepy fog, he thought it was a rat, although there’s nothing wrong with a little white mouse, he was actually quite relieved to discover it was a kitten who was probably a stray.

Ali was pretty much a loner and had never owned any pets but his shock subsided and warmed his heart while he watched her sleep. As she continued to sleep, he enjoyed listening to her gentle purr and felt it was the cutest sound he had ever heard. Ali decided to take a selfie, careful not to wake her up. He took the selfie to Reddit to share his story.


The first thing she did was step down from the sofa, look at him and start meowing for about 20 seconds. He figured out she was hungry so the two of them shared chicken wings from his mom. This was the beginning of their wonderful friendship. He gave her a bath, brought her to the vet, then named her Angel!

He said there were no rules in his house about pets and felt she really could use a family and that’s when he decided he was going to keep her.

He now enjoys many hours of fun playing with Angel. He said during the day she wanders around, pokes into things, and will find things to play with. He could be on his laptop and Angel will jump up on his keyboard then sit between his arms.

He’d try to set her on the floor but Angel would have nothing to do with it and just jump up again. He was to learn that cats can be very stubborn and want their way. He also learned that if he paid attention to her, she’d give him a break!

Not much has changed in the world of cats but we wish these two new friends all the very best!

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