Construction Workers Save A Different kind of Pup
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Construction Workers Save A Different kind of Pup

When Estonian construction workers saw a dog frozen in the river near their construction site, they knew they had to act fast.  Without a second thought, they sprang into action to save the frozen pup.

Rando Kartsepp, Erki Väli , and Robin Sillamäe never thought their day would take such an unexpected turn when they showed up for work at the Estonia’s Sindi dam.  When they spotted the dog frozen in the Pärnu River, they immediately began clearing a path through the ice for him.

Exhausted and freezing, the dog allowed the team to dry him with towels and warm him up in a car.  They drove the dog to the animal clinic for medical treatment, and it was there they discovered who their new friend really was.

The Big Reveal

The vet clinic quickly got busy treating the pup for hypothermic shock.  As they warmed the dog and addressed his low blood pressure, a suspicion began to form.  They called in a hunter to confirm their thoughts.  He took one look at the thawing pup and agreed this was no ordinary dog.  The recovering pooch was a wolf.

Luckily for the team that had saved him the wolf was still a pup, around a year old.  Despite his young age, he was still wild and capable of turning on his rescuers.  The vet staff agreed that once the wolf began to gather his wits and understand he was in a strange place surrounded by humans, he would most likely be unhappy.

A vet at the clinic, Tarvo Marsko, sized up the situation quickly:  “Once he started to get an idea of the situation, I felt things might quickly take a turn for the dangerous. We got him into a cage.”

Homeward Bound

The wolf responded quickly to the treatment.  The vets were able to warm him back up, and administer anti-parasitic drugs.  After he was fitted with a GPS tracker by researchers, he was released into the wild.

The construction crew were amazed that their new friend was, in fact, a wolf.  Obviously, they couldn’t have managed the rescue between the three of them with a full sized wolf, but they were glad they were in the right place at the right time for the pup.  Rando told an interviewer, “The experience was new. We hope he will be fine.”

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