Corgi Comforts Grieving Stranger
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Corgi Comforts Grieving Stranger

When we are sad at home, if we have a dog we know that our dogs can tell when we’re sad. It’s common for a dog owner to be feeling down in the dumps, only to see their canine companion come along to find out if everything is OK.

That’s one of the most common reasons why people like to have a dog around: they just know exactly how to cheer us up, when we need it. Indeed, even when you don’t own a dog, you can rely upon another person’s dog to work out why you are sad – and do everything they can to cheer you up. Take Cora the Corgi, for example.

Cora was at the airport with her owner, when she decided to just meander away from her owner Madison Palm. Wondering what her little canine was up to, Madison soon noticed that Cora had found her calling for the moment: helping someone who was very much in need. Cora herself had previously been in need, having endured seven years of hardship under a poor owner who treated her terribly.

The little corgi, though, has never shown any shyness from being around good people – from the moment she met Madison, they had a very strong relationship. This deeply empathetic little dog might have had it rough herself, but she never let that get in the way of helping others and making the lives of others a bit more enjoyable.

It was at the airport, though, that this was seen in the most incredible manner.

An incredible act of kindness

Sitting in Seattle waiting for their layover to go to Alaska to see Palm’s mother, Cora decided to wander away to a complete stranger. She headed over to a man who was sitting all by himself, and who looked visibly sad. Seeing the man administer a few belly rubs, Palm quickly wanted to make sure that Cora was not getting in his way.

However, the man, struggling to talk through tears, said that he needed the presence of Cora ‘more than ever’.

The poor man had just lost his own dog the previous evening, and was in a bit of an emotional state of flux thanks to that loss. Cora could immediately see that he needed help, though, and gave the fella the opportunity to get that off of his mind and just find a bit of peace and relaxation for the evening.

He even snapped a few lovely shots of the dog, helping to remind him of this awesome moment of unexpected kindness. Speaking about the moment on Facebook, Madison said: “She knows who is hurting and she knows who needs her,”

So, if you ever see someone struggling in life, remember that the smallest act of kindness could help to turn their day around. Even something as simple as spending a few moments with a cute canine like Cora could be all that’s needed to help that person out.

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