Ducks, Dogs and BFF's
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Ducks, Dogs and BFF’s

When an enormous German Shepherd met a tiny, helpless duckling, things didn’t go as expected.  Instead of dining on the feathered cutie, the dog befriended the duck and the pair has become completely inseparable.  The dog and duck mom, 18-year-old French photographer Natacha, has made it her mission to document every moment of this amazing friendship.

Natacha’s animal friends prove what has been seen over and over again in the natural world; birds of a feather do not necessarily have to flock together, and cross species friendships are not at all uncommon.

Meet the Players

Vendetta is a female German Shepherd and Lemony is her feathered Indian Runner duck companion. It’s nature’s way that a prey animal such as a bird would experience fear in the presence of a predator like Vendetta, but Lemony never had even a moment of fear when meeting her furry friend.

Natacha trusted Vendetta enough to recognize that she wouldn’t hurt Lemony, and Lemony seemed to know it immediately.  It didn’t take long for Lemony to follow Vendetta everywhere she went.  Natacha was surprised at how much trust Lemony instinctively had with the dog, and how quickly the dog seemed to share Lemony’s love.

Little Duck, Big World

Natacha would take Lemony to the lake with Vendetta, but gradually it became apparent that the pair was becoming inseparable.  She began to let Lemony go more and more places with Vendetta and the pair was a regular sight on walks on city sidewalks or hikes in the woods.

Lemony loves to go on adventures with her canine friend, and luckily for us, Natasha’s amazing photos capture them all.

Natacha’s Mission

Natacha is happy to share the adorable duo’s adventures, but the mission behind her Instagram account, @xuamina_photographie, goes deeper than that.  Natacha’s hope in sharing the photos is to show the world that ducks are intelligent, sensitive and should be considered as far more than just a meal.

Judging from the popularity of Lemony and Vendetta, it’s safe to assume Natacha is succeeding in changing society’s views of these sweet, loving creatures.

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