Elephant Seals Took The Beach In California!
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Elephant Seals Took The Beach In California!

When the US Government underwent its massive shutdown, it left a huge amount of the country in a state of flux. Much changed that people would not have expected, with many key services simply shut down. This led to various side-effects that were not expected to take place – including a change in the visitors to one particular beach in California.

Drakes Beach in Cali was taken over by a massive herd of elephant seals, who moved into the area and basically took over. They have shown no signs of moving on, either, so there’s not much that can be done to move them on from the beach at present.

Around 50 adults and 35 pups have turned up together, making sure that the beach is now more or less a haven for the elephant seals to live on.

Pop-Up Tourist Attraction

Interestingly, entrepreneurial minds have already turned this into a sighting location. You can travel along the nearby roads and parking lots and see the elephant seals for yourself. They even broke down a fence eventually, helping them to spill out even further into the new parking area.

This happened purely because wildlife staffers were unable to do anything about it as they were impacted by the shutdown. If the shutdown was not taking place, it’s believed that staff could probably had stopped the issue from escalating to the scale that it has.

With more pups arriving now, though, it’s going to be a long-term game to try and move on the elephant seals. They are likely to stick around for a while, because they are presently nursing the pups. Moving them on too soon could put their little ones in needless danger.

Funnily enough, this is expected to last for some time. According to one expert, these pups usually wean from the mothers around April time – so we could see these amazing creatures still taking up space on the beach as late as early April.

Until then, this is just another fine example of the unintended problems that can be caused by US government shutdowns.

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