Genius Builds Awesome Shelter for Stray Cats
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Genius Builds Awesome Shelter for Stray Cats

Should you happen to live in any kind of neighborhood, then one thing you’ll be used to seeing are stray cats. Regardless of where you are in the world, you’ll see stray cats cutting around the streets – often looking for food.

Sadly, many of these cats are picked on and abused by animals and by lesser humans, looking for cheap thrills at the cost of others. Instead of putting up with seeing stray cats treated like dirt, though, one man in Beijing decided that enough was enough.

The stray cat populace of Beijing are especially at risk, given the immense and busy nature of the city itself. Wan Xi is a genius with a computer, and a pretty stand-out guy in many other ways as well. Noticing the massive amounts of stray cats in the city, though, he wanted to help them enjoy their winters a bit more. If you have ever been to Beijing in winter, you’ll know exactly what he means!

Knowing that there wasn’t enough human demand to help the cats, the genius got to work to help them enjoy an automated quality of life. Building a large home for cats, the home is loaded with many high-end camera systems. It even comes with a door that can recognize whether it’s a cat or another potential problematic predator trying to get in. The door, then, only opens for cats – amazing right?

Fantastic for felines

With plenty of interior heating to help keep the cats nice and warm, too, everyone inside can enjoy a better quality of life. This helps them to enjoy food, toys, entertainment and shelter when the going gets tough. They can enjoy experiencing the world during the day, and the return here at night to a properly heated shelter.

It’s even got water that is heated to a refreshing, safe temperature – but never cold enough to freeze. Even more amazingly, the house is made to help prevent many of the most common cat-killing diseases which are so prevalent across the country.

Working alongside various veterinarians and shelter workers, Wan Xi has become a partner for those wishing to make Beijing a better place. If a sick cat turns up, its symptoms are noted and the team can step in to treat it.

From helping to keep cats safer to giving them a place to go that isn’t the mean streets of Beijing, this is a truly special invention. The move is one that is going to help keep many cats alive who otherwise would have struggled to survive. If we know cats, though, it won’t be long until the home is full of felines: just as Wan Xi and co. would have always wanted it to be!

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