Heartwarming: Unwanted Dog In Kill Shelter Rescued
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Heartwarming: Unwanted Dog In Kill Shelter Rescued

Rescuing a dog from being euthanized in a kennel is not uncommon, but when that dog turns out to be a wolf is a completely different story.  The story goes that a family bought a dog from a breeder but when the puppy turned 8 months old, the puppy became way too big for their home and far beyond their being able to take care of him.

Unfortunately, the family made the decision to drop him off at a shelter that is known for killing these animals.  The good news, word reached a sanctuary known as Shy Wolf Sanctuary.  Shy Wolf is located in Naples Florida and they are known for rescuing exotic, rare animals that cannot be adopted.  The wolf named Yuki was given a forever home!

DNA Test

After running his DNA, they discovered he is 87.5% Gray Wolf, 8.6% Siberian Husky, and 3.9% Shepherd.  Needless to say, he could not be sent to a new home because he is considered a wild animal.  That said, he made himself at home at Shy Wolf and bonded with his caregiver, Brittany Allen who made him known to the world due to his rather scary looks but gentle nature.

The caregivers and volunteers have grown to love this large, wolf-dog who has his own very unique personality.

Brittany said that Wolf Dogs are difficult to raise because you really don’t know if their behavior leans more toward wolf or dog.  In Yuki’s case, he isn’t much different from pure wolves who will run away if they see new people.  By nature, wolves are actually very shy, curious animals but Yuki will actually run up to new people and then decide if he likes them or not.

If he doesn’t like them, he will become aggressive.  If they do like someone, they will bond rather quickly.  Yuki is also extremely selective whom he will allow in his enclosure and strangely only allows a few women in.  His enclosure has been nicknamed The Harem!

Another caregiver said that this wolf is actually the most interesting animal in the sanctuary because he’s not easy to get to know but there are a few volunteers that he has chosen to bond with.  He makes a very distinctive noise if he sees and wants one of his volunteers to come over and visit him, giving him the nickname “Woowoo!

Sadly, he recently has been diagnosed with blood cancer and will spend the rest of his life in this sanctuary until they feel he has become uncomfortable.  His caregivers and volunteers will truly miss him when that day arrives. He could not be in a better place to live out the rest of his life.

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