Hugging Dogs For A Living? Yes, Please!
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Hugging Dogs For A Living? Yes, Please!

If your dream job involves fur, cuddling and barking, check out this amazing job at the Tampa Bay Florida animal shelter; you may be eligible for a paid position at the Humane Society as a professional puppy snuggler.

While it doesn’t seem possible that the shelter would have to pay someone for this wonderful job, the shelter explains that it isn’t easy to find volunteers on weekdays when people are working and the volunteer shelter kids are in school.  It’s also difficult to encourage volunteers to come in when needed if an animal is in specific need of comfort.

Dogs may require extra attention if they are just brought into the shelter, if they have been at the shelter a long time without being adopted, or post-surgery.  It’s also not always easy to get volunteers to report to the shelter in bad weather.

Would You Qualify?

Candidates for this position will possess a calm nature, a love of dogs, and the time to devote to the job.  Having past experience in calming strange dogs is a plus, and a background check will most likely be mandatory. Obviously, anyone with dog allergies may need to think twice about taking the position.

Once hired, the job requires the employee to get on the same level as the dogs, petting them and soothing them.  The employee’s presence and warm touch may be the only real love some of these animals may know while waiting for adoption.

Don’t Live in Florida?

While the Tampa Bay Humane Society in Florida is offering this incredible employment opportunity, you may be able to find a puppy-snuggling opportunity in your own state if you search websites and call the shelters.  Consider stopping by your local shelter in person to see what help they may need in caring for and comforting the animals in their facility.


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