Lollipop is Always With Grandma
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Lollipop is Always With Grandma

Lollipop is a very sweet Pit Bull who was 8 months old when she was found wandering around by a busy road. Some men working at a car wash tied her up to protect her and spent the rest of the day hanging out with her.

Ms. Cathy Officee stopped by the car wash and went over to pet Lollipop and asked the men about her. They told her they found her and proceeded to tell her how wonderful this dog is. After hearing only echoes of adulation, Cathy decided to take her in.

She checked to see if Lollipop had a chip and then drove around the neighborhood where she was found. She posted signs in the area, the local shelters, and online but heard nothing. Cathy finally realized that no one was looking for her so she decided to adopt her.

She told The Dodo that after 5 days she had fallen madly in love with this wonderful dog. There was absolutely no doubt in her mind that adopting her was the right thing to do.

The Family Just Fell in Love!

Lollipop is now three years old and has fallen in love with everyone in the family including their other dog, Isaac, who she always follows around. She has always needed to stay very close to her mom, maybe because she saved this sweet pup.

Shortly after, they moved into Cathy’s mom’s home Lollipop met mom’s 3 dogs. Needless to say, she had four more family members to fall in love with. On top of that, she took it upon herself to be grandma’s great protector.

Cathy’s mom is 90 years old and uses a walker because she doesn’t move around very well. On many occasions, grandma has to just stop and take a break. At one point, Officee started to notice that when her mom is walking around, Lollipop is right beside her and will lie down in front of her when mom takes a break.

The family wasn’t sure if Lollipop wants her to go over and sit down or if she’s standing by her in case mom falls. Whatever the reason, when mom is on her feet, so is Lollipop. It is so obvious that mom and Lollipop have formed an incredibly sweet friendship.

Although mom has three dogs and Cathy has two, they are always just wandering about but Lollipop is the one who is always right there by mom. No matter what time of day or night, Lollipop is always righter there protecting her and watching over her.

Back when Lollipop was first found and rescued there were so many people who wanted to ensure she would be safe and protected. Maybe Lollipop is returning the favor by protecting her new forever family!

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