Missing Toddler’s Friend Helps Him “Bear” The Cold
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Missing Toddler’s Friend Helps Him “Bear” The Cold

When three-year-old Casey Hathaway disappeared from his North Carolina home, his family and local authorities were in a frenzy of worry.  North Carolina was in the midst of a cold snap with temperatures right around freezing when the toddler disappeared from his grandmother’s back yard.

It was hard to hold out hope for the tiny tot, measuring in at only two feet four inches in height.  How could a small child survive in the woods in the face of such extreme weather?

Volunteers pitched in to search for young Casey, but eventually, they had to reluctantly five up the search as the weather conditions worsened.  After two days, it seemed impossible for the child to have survived.

Then, miraculously, EMS Captain Shane Grier and a group of searchers came across Casey about a quarter mile from the spot where he disappeared in Craven County.  He was crying for his mother and freezing cold but, amazingly, unharmed. How on earth did Casey survive?  His answer astounded everyone.

Casey’s Strange Ally

Despite everyone’s deepest fears, including Captain Grier, that Casey wouldn’t be found alive, he survived his ordeal with a strange tale of an unlikely friend.  Against all odds, young Casey was befriended by a wild bear in the woods.

A member from the Craven County’s Sherriff’s office, Major David McFayden, confirms that occasionally there are bears spotted in the woods throughout Craven County.  The sheriff’s office is continuing to look into the details of the story, but generally, everyone is grateful for the furry intervention that without a doubt kept Casey alive.

The bear, according to Casey, kept him safe throughout the long, cold nights.  Casey didn’t feel alone, thanks to the companionship of his bear friend.

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