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  • Dogs
    Baby Koala Saved By Golden Retriever

    Dogs! You can’t live without them, and… you can’t live without them. This is a story about a Golden Retriever that...

    Nimrod GanzarskiJanuary 6, 2019
  • Animal Gadgets
    Let Alexa Throw Treats At Your Pet

    The second generation of Petcube Bites and Play that entertains in-house pets while their owners are away by throwing treats at...

    Audry HudsonJanuary 5, 2019
  • Dogs
    Heartbreaking: Loyalty Even After Death

    “As faithful as a dog” is one simile that most of us are familiar with, and it has proven to be...

    Audry HudsonJanuary 3, 2019
  • Other Pets
    Do Gophers Make Fun Pets?

    For anyone looking to get a pet, one of the first things that you should do is look to work out...

    Michael GoldsteinDecember 28, 2018
  • Dogs
    Husband: “It’s Me Or the Dogs!” The Response?

    In a relationship, it’s so easy for things that were working so well to go oh so very wrong in a...

    Steven BuchkoDecember 25, 2018
  • Cats
    Kitten On Duty At The Michigan Police Department

    For years, the police departments of the world have made use of dogs to help them make sure they can keep...

    Jude AbrahamDecember 21, 2018
  • Dogs
    These Are The Heroic Dogs Who Saved People

    When we look at dogs, we often see them as creatures who can entertain us and keep us happy when we’re...

    Michael GoldsteinDecember 18, 2018
  • Dogs
    This Dog Has The Most Unusual Friend

    For people from the United Kingdom, the ‘Dog and Duck’ is the perfect embodiment of your Sunday League pub football side....

    Michael GoldsteinDecember 15, 2018
  • Dogs
    Heroic Marine Sees Good Karma

    For the last two-plus decades, the United States has been involved in a brutal war across the Middle East. From the...

    Silver DavidDecember 13, 2018
  • Cats
    Meet Mimo, The Cat That Broke The Internet

    Cats are cute, cats are adorable, they are also cuddly and adventurous…We hear that a lot! But this particular cat called...

    Sam MarsdaleDecember 11, 2018
  • Cats
    Watch: Cat Helps Pup Escape SO It Could Play

    Often times we tend to think as cats and dogs as mortal nemesis, fighting for our love and in some Hollywood films...

    Sam MarsdaleDecember 9, 2018
  • Dogs
    Dogs In Our Beds: Yay or Nay?

    When you come home from a long day out and you see your dog sleeping on your bed, it’s adorable. That...

    Michael GoldsteinDecember 7, 2018
  • Dogs
    The Manhattan Dog That Loves Everyone

    This cute red-haired dog is called Louboutina, or Loubie for short. It’s a five-year-old golden retriever which has become famous around...

    Sam MarsdaleDecember 4, 2018
  • Dogs
    Subway Ban on Dogs Has Made Owners Creative

    In the NYC subway system, you can ride with your dog only if it fits into a bag. NYC management meant...

    Shoshana GluckmannDecember 3, 2018
  • Other Pets
    Listen: Aussie Animal Sounds

    Acoustic Observatory records the sounds of Australian animals and habitats: Regional Australia is preparing to install hundreds of audio recorders to...

    Audry HudsonNovember 19, 2018
  • Gallery
    The Coolest Couple Of The Year Since 1972

    Some couples transcend time. Lady Di and Prince Charles forever raised the bar on romantic weddings, but maybe it’s Faith Hill and...

    Sarah KasovskiOctober 12, 2018
  • Cats
    Best Cheetah Secret Revealed

    You often hear how fast a cheetah can run; after all, they are the fastest land animals in the world. When...

    Sarah KasovskiApril 21, 2018