Priceless Tip: How to Calm a Cat
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Priceless Tip: How to Calm a Cat

A stressed cat is not a happy cat, and an unhappy cat can make her owners very unhappy, too.

Anti-anxiety drugs are not good long term for your kitty, so what is a cat owner to do? Read on for three effective calming techniques to take the frazzle out of your cat.


Cats use pheromones in many ways throughout their daily activities. They are used to indicate mood, set boundaries, and mark territory. While humans don’t realize it, pheromones are an important part of kitty language.

A cat owner can take advantage of these pheromones to help calm their anxious cat. In addition, pheromones may help your cats get along with all human family members as well as their fellow furry family members.

A bestseller and expert in feline pheromones is Feliway . They offer sprays, diffusers and wipes for your stressed-out cat. Their products have been approved to stop aggression, spraying or scratching in nine out of every ten cats who used them.

Essential Oils

Essential oils may be beneficial, but it’s important to note that only a few essential oils are safe to use with animals. For cats, dilute the oils with 90% fractionated coconut oil. Consider a diluted lavender essential oil to soothe your frazzled feline but always use very small amounts.

Using too much or unapproved oils can cause physical harm to your cat as well as increasing stress levels. If this seems too worrisome for you, take a look at calming cat collars that have the perfect dosages of essential oils already applied in therapeutic amounts.

These collars can last for up to a month at a time, and has been shown to reduce stress during thunderstorms, travel, vet visits, or home life disruptions such as a new pet or a baby.


Cats respond well to an appropriate mix of music, like that found on the cat compilation While You Are Gone. If higher tech is your speed, get your cat his own MP3 player, preloaded with hours of vet tested calming tunes compiled from “Through a Cat’s Ear,” a kitty friendly CD.

Pressing play fills your cat’s head with gorgeous, calming piano music that uses pattern identification, entrainment, resonance and frequency modulation to ease your cat’s nerves.
Want to go one step higher on the kitty tech level?

Try the Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker, loaded with veterinarian approved cat calming tunes. The green speaker is for the cats, but if your dog is also stressed, he can have his own tunes with the blue speaker.

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