Puppy With ‘Cinnamon Roll’ Ears Draws Massive Attention
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Puppy With ‘Cinnamon Roll’ Ears Draws Massive Attention

When we first lay out eyes on a little puppy, the first thing we usually think is that they look beautiful. Their adorable little ears and their cute faces make them the kind of animal that can melt even the coldest of hearts.

Typically, their ears are going to be pointy or fluffy – but one little puppy was recently spotted with ears more akin to a cinnamon roll. The little rescue pup was born with these ears and became an overnight internet sensation for various reasons.

Her unique style is something which made her stand out from the rest of the litter brought up by Jen Deane. Deane is the President of Pit Sisters, a group specializing in animal rescue in Jacksonville, FL. She’d been told about a neglected litter of little pups who were in need of a new home in her Georgia base, and she decided to happily take them in.

Many of the little pups were quite ill, and all of them were unkempt. With the help of her team and their care, they helped to bring all the little puppies back to health and keep them in better shape.

When they are looking after all the pups, though, the little cinnamon roll ears of one pup were very hard to ignore. Before long, she’d been nicknamed Cinnamon – as you can imagine due to her amazingly unique ears.

They posted an image of this cute little canine up on the internet, and the reaction was heartfelt and amazing. This amazing little dog soon had plenty of admirers online, with plenty of people happy to suggest that they would be keen to take her in.

An Adorable Miracle

Very quickly, applications were rolling in with many people desperate to bring this little Cinnamon into their own lives. Interestingly, they found someone who would be perfect for Cinnamon – and someone who already had three other dogs for the new one to play around with. Loaded with natural energy and enthusiasm, the little creature soon made a massive impact on her new family.

Fitting in with the other three dogs seamlessly, she soon became the exciting part of the group of dogs and immediately blended in without any issue. Her playful nature and her limitless charisma made her a favorite with her new canine companions, and before long she became the perfect example of how every puppy deserves a chance to find a home

It’s not just her ears that are amazing – it’s everything about her!

Have you ever seen a dog with unique ear shapes before?

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