Rare Syndrome Sufferer Saved By Amazing Dog
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Rare Syndrome Sufferer Saved By Amazing Dog

Dogs are brilliant, aren’t they?

Funny, charming and more or less always optimistic and loyal. If we could meet more humans with the same attributes as your average dog, the world would be a much nicer place in general. Dogs, though, have become an even more impressive part of society due to our ability to domesticate and train them into carrying out specialist tasks.

For example, dogs can be specifically trained to help people with life-threatening conditions – like Martina, who suffers from Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

This condition is incredibly severe, and all it would take is a simple smell to kill Martina. The mere smell of something that she is allergic to could put her six feet under – it’s one of the worst conditions that you could have if you were someone who is ambitious and likes to see the world.

Martina Baker, 15, suffers from the condition and found it made her life very hard indeed. it made something as simple as cleaning up or making food a life-threatening experience. Thankfully, she’s found the ideal companion for this condition: Caiomhe the dog. He is a specially trained dog who can sniff out the threats that MCAS could cause for someone like Martina.

This condition itself is extremely rare, but it leaves the sufferer allergic to just about everything going. It could be everything from smells to heat to cleaning products to even aftershave and perfume. If someone who has MCAS is affected by something, they can go into a state known as anaphylactic shock; this could be deadly without fast-acting treatment.

One day, Martina – who previously had no allergies – woke up to find her body broken out in hives. Her throat started to swell with the hives, and she needed fast treatment to save her life.

An Incredible Change

With her quality of life immediately lessened due to this, Martina found her list of available activities to be massively limited. Even things like going to the movies was going to be near impossible, so her family worked to bring together the $10,000 plus needed to get her a specialist canine that could improve her quality of life – enter Caiomhe.

Trained by specialist Jamie Robinson, the dog is able to smell the processes that could hurt Martina far before she ever could. He can even detect things like histamines building up in her body before she can, meaning that he is invaluable to keeping her alive.

Prior to meeting her guardian canine, she would suffer from shocks as often as three times per week. Now? She’ll suffer maybe one a month, or every six weeks. She needs an EpiPen to come back from the brink, which meant that she lost many friends as she was constantly being rushed to hospital.

One friend who will never leave her side, though, is her tremendous canine who not only provides her with protection, but with impassioned companionship meaning she never needs to worry about being left alone ever again: she’s got her super dog to help her through even the toughest of experiences!

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