Cat Hairballs? Here are Some Effective Home Remedies
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Cat Hairballs? Here are Some Effective Home Remedies

Owning a pet is a truly amazing thing, it really is. Getting to spend time with another species and feel genuine respect and connection is a very impressive feeling indeed. However, for a fair amount of people who like to have pets, handling their hair and fur building up everywhere is not really part of the plan.

If you want some help in overcoming this comical and frustrating problem, we have some simple hairball solutions that you can use below to put an end to all of that build-up.

Feed your at a buttery treat

While it might seem like an odd place to start, a bit of butter can put an end to furball problems. Your cat might stop hacking up so much hair if you were to do it a favor and give it access to some butter. Butter works well because your cat will be able to deal with the process a bit easier. It’s not a very healthy treat but do it in moderation for best results.

Get them brushed

The second tip we have for you is quite simple – get your cash brushed regularly. Whether you take them to a grooming service, or you do it alone is entirely up to you. You should, though, look to get them cared for as soon as you can.

Doing this is very much likely to help your cat enjoy the wider experience and should go some way to ensuring that they can enjoy their fur being brushed and moved.

Use some Vaseline

A good way to help your feline become a bit less furry is to put some Vaseline on their paws. This works for numerous reasons, not least because it does a fine job of lubricating the digestive tract of your cat.

This allows the hair to travel much easier and will vastly reduce any sense of discomfort that he/she feels due to the fur. A quick dap of the stuff on the paws will give it enough to help avoid furballs being produced regularly.

Feed your cat some pumpkin

Lastly, we recommend that you give your cat some pumpkin as part of its diet. Pumpkin works well as part of the diet for the simple reason that it can help them to maintain regular bowel movements due to the high amount of fiber held within.

However, make sure you use proper natural pumpkin: many people feed their cats pumpkin pie filling, which does nothing like the same thing.

With these ideas in mind, then, you might just find it a bit easier for your cat to stop covering your entire home in those horrible balls of fur that they are so prone to creating and leaving all around the place! Keep that in mind, and you can easily benefit from their improved conditioning and care.

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