Tech-Meauw: Smart Litter-Box For Cats
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Tech-Meauw: Smart Litter-Box For Cats

Owning a cat is great and all, but like every good thing, it comes to an end every single time you have to clean out your cat’s litter box.  The litter box is practically a box filled with your cat’s poop; No one likes poop.

So, no one likes cleaning a litter box; but somebody’s got to do it, those litter boxes won’t clean themselves!– If only they could though, right?

Re-invent Cat Litter

The company PurrSong is looking to make the dream of all cat lovers around the world come true by reinventing how cats poop.

The launch of their new self-cleaning litter box called LavvieBot nickname ‘the box’ is seen as a groundbreaking tool for human and cat interaction and was present at the CES 2019.

On the external, the first thing you notice about the LavvieBot is that it doesn’t look at all like a litter box. In fact, it’s so minimalist in design that it could blend into just any modern household room without drawing much attention.

On the internal, however, the picture is even more impressive. After your cat goes number 2 in the LavvieBot, the clumps of poop are gently swept away by a rake without being broken apart.

You can set different customised intervals for the box to self-clean. The clumps of waste are swept into a drawer lined with a bag much like your household trashcan. The drawer only needs to be emptied once every two weeks.

The LavvieBot comes complete with the PurrSong app which helps you monitor litter box usage as well as the weight changes of your cat. It also tells the difference between multiple cats in the event when the LavvieBot is used by more than one cat.

Everything You Didn’t Want To Know 😉

Another nifty feature is an app functionality which sends you a text when your cat has used the LavvieBot.

Asides the LavvieBot, there are other self-cleaning litter boxes out there, the most popular being the Litter Robot. The LavvieBot is a prettier, more premium design and has the functionality to automatically refill the litter bed with fresh litter from a six-and-half-litter storage bin.

The LavvieBot is yet to undergo real-world testing, but we are optimistically curious to see how it performs when it is finally released for public purchase and usage.

By May 2019, PurrSong is expected to launch an Indiegogo campaign. The savviest is expected to go on sale starting at $379 (roughly £295 and AU$530). If you’re a cat owner who really loves their pet, this device might be worth checking out.

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