The Baby Sea Lion Arrested For Blocking Traffic?
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The Baby Sea Lion Arrested For Blocking Traffic?

It’s been said over and over, there are things in life that are stranger than fiction!  Well, this great story about a baby sea lion who managed to wander onto a busy freeway in San Francisco and lived to bark about it is one of those incredible stories.

When I first heard about this baby sea lion I couldn’t wrap my brain around why he was arrested!  The police officer that was on duty received a call that a baby sea lion had wandered into oncoming traffic on US 101 in San Francisco.

Officer Pereira was a little more than shocked when the call came in and he was asked to come out and get this little guy off the freeway. At first, he thought someone was pulling his leg until he arrived on the scene and saw this baby sea lion on the freeway!

Somehow, he had wandered onto the freeway causing traffic to come to a standstill. Where he came from or how he got there will probably a  good question for a long time. There were several people protecting him from being harmed or getting into lanes of moving traffic.  This little 10-month old sea lion only weighed 30 pounds but definitely got himself in a terrible fix.

According to the officer, the sea lion was actually incredibly calm even though he was surrounded by loud noises from cars and the crowd of people that came over to see him.  He actually seemed very curious why everyone was watching him and had no idea what was going on.

For Its Own Safety

Officer Pereira decided he needed to get this little guy into his patrol car for his own safety. He brought his vehicle next to the sea lion and then carefully opened the backseat door. Surprisingly, this little guy immediately jumped into the backseat and seemed quite content.

He didn’t seem traumatized but certainly seemed to enjoy the ride back to the police station!  You’ve been arrested, little dude! He had a really sweet nature and didn’t make a single sound or move around in the backseat.

Officer Pereira was able to deliver him to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  After that, he was sent to the Marine Mammal Rescue Center and was given a clean bill of health.  He had some malnutrition and a small scratch but otherwise, he was fine.

Where ever he has finally found a home, we hope he has a long and wonderful life!  He was the luckiest baby sea lion to make it through that ordeal in one piece.  Thanks to Officer Pereira and the wonderful people who protected him from going into oncoming traffic, all’s well!

To this day, Pereira has probably told this story over and over to people who scratch their heads wondering if he is pulling their legs.

As for the internet, the story and video went wild!  A Twitter user posted a video of the sea lion’s amazing rescue and received over 200 likes and over 50 shares!  Way to go little guy!

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