The Dog Who Wears His Heart On His Nose
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The Dog Who Wears His Heart On His Nose

Dog lovers all agree that a canine’s bright eyes, wagging tail and cold, wet nose are more than enough to fall in love with, but what about a cold, wet heart-shaped nose?  Meet Wiley, the dalmatian who wears his huge doggie heart on his nose.

Like all dalmatians, Wiley was born with numerous spots all over his wriggling, happy body.  One spot is amazing, though, and that is his special heart shaped spot on his nose.

Take a Look at this Heart-Shaped Nose

Wiley’s heart spot started off small when he was born, but the playful pup’s mark grew along with him.  His special nose has made him a huge favorite all across the internet, thanks to the Instagram account his human mom made for him.

There is more to Wiley than this special mark, though.

Wiley’s Biggest Fan

Lexi Smith, Colorado native, is Wiley’s human mom.  She chose Wiley from a litter of his brothers and sisters, but hardly even noticed his heart shaped nose at first.  She was pretty sure the spot would change as he grew.

Instead, Lexi devoted her time with Wiley to form an amazing bond with him.  From the start, Lexi was smitten.  The pup shared his mom’s desire to snuggle and sleep, and of course, to eat.

Lexi immediately fell in love with Wiley for his peppy personality, his playfulness, his sass, and his overall sweet nature.  Wiley had his moments, of course, and can be as stubborn as he is cute.  Lexi found it hard to stay mad at the adorable pup.  Over time, Lexi noticed something even more special about her adorable pup.

As Wiley grew, so did his heart-shaped mark on his nose.  Eager to share her pup, Lexi started posting him on Instagram and almost immediately found his fan base around the world.

Wiley Becomes a Social Media Superstar

Of course, all puppies are cute, but Wiley takes his cuteness factor to the next level.  Lexi loved photographing him in all of his cuteness as he tackled one adventure after the next.  Wiley and his mom enjoy mountain hiking and playing in snowbanks.

Wiley may be a charmer who has an enviable fan base on Instagram, but his biggest fan will always be Lexi Smith.  “He’s my best friend,” Smith explains.  Thanks to Lexi’s dedication to Wiley’s Instagram account, the world can follow the many adventures of the pair, and without a doubt, the world has fallen in love with the perky pup with the heart-shaped nose.

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