These Are The Heroic Dogs Who Saved People
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These Are The Heroic Dogs Who Saved People

When we look at dogs, we often see them as creatures who can entertain us and keep us happy when we’re feeling down. Often, though, we forget that dogs around the world tend to fulfill far more exciting purposes, often helping people to avoid danger in life on a regular basis.

Dogs are capable of doing a lot, from sniffing out bombs to keeping burglars at bay. However, some dogs really do go above and beyond the call of duty: let’s take a look at some of the most heroic dogs who really go above and beyond to save you, me and everyone else.

Mr. Mutt

Not given a name to avoid excess attention, this amazing dog is a proper hero. The owner chose to head out on his quad bike with the dog, but when the quad flipped it left him in serious trouble. Pinned to the floor for a whole evening, the pup stayed with him to help him stay warm until some help could arrive the next morning.

Dogs often do things to impress us, but knowing to help keep us warm whilst waiting for help? That’s pretty damn heroic.

Pickle the Poodle

When we see a poodle, we often think of them as adorable yet vulnerable animals. Well, when little Pickle the Poodle seen a GRIZZLY BEAR roaring into the house of her Californian owner, Tiffany Merrill, Pickle got to work.

Hiding behind the couch and telling the kids to lock their doors, Pickle managed to distract the bear and draw it outside. Sadly, Pickle was killed in action by the bear that weighed something in the region of 40x its weight. Her death, though, helped to save her owners from what would have been a very likely death indeed.

Layla the Pit Bull

Layla, as adorable as they come, lived with Kelsey Leachman in Kentucky, USA. She found Layla to be malnourished and weak when she found her, rescuing her and restoring her to health. One evening, the favor was repaid.

Watching TV at night, Layla came roaring into the kitchen – and Kelsey followed. She found a burglar in the kitchen, who assaulted her. Quickly, the dog got to work and Layla scared off the thief for good!

Jessie the Russell

This amazing little dog is one that has spent a lot of time in life saving people. The Jack Russell from Cleckheaton, England, lived with her owner Rebecca Brookes. Rebecca suffered from asthma, and one day she forgot to bring her inhaler with her.

Struggling for breath amid a major asthma attack, the quick-witted dog ran into the room, grabbed her inhaler, and sprinted back out with it – saving her life in the process.

So, the next time you denounce a dog as ‘just a pet’, remember that dogs often go far in excess of the line of duty – far more than we would ever expect.

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