This Dog Has The Most Unusual Friend
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This Dog Has The Most Unusual Friend

For people from the United Kingdom, the ‘Dog and Duck’ is the perfect embodiment of your Sunday League pub football side. ‘The Dog and Duck FC’ is a common insulting refrain meant for a team of pros that play like a set of amateurs. However, the famous friendship of a dog and a duck is more than just a disparaging insult for a crappy football performance. It’s also probably the kindest friendship you are ever likely to see!

When Natacha, 18, decided to put together a duck and a dog into a photo set, her finished shots were like something from a book of dreams. While some feared the dog might end up turning the duck into lunch, the amazing shots that were collected are about to melt your heart.

Her runner duck, Lemony, quickly got used to life in the home with Natacha and her dog. Vendetta, her German Shepard, quickly got to know and love the duckling as much as she did. They would often cuddle up together, and it was a case of breaking natural norms. Often terrified of dogs, Lemony clearly feels at ease around Vendetta, as these adorable images show in such clear detail.

Always running around like a pair, with Lemony following Vendetta wherever she went, they became best buds in no time at all. some of their shots show them just relaxing and having fun together, like this amazing shot of them down by the water all snuggled up under a blanket. Before long, Vendetta and Lemony were taking part in a whole host of activities with her owner.

The most unlikely yet amazing friendships

At their happiest when they spend time together, Natacha began to ensure they done everything as a delightful little pairing. It’s the kind of image that should melt your heart, and help you to really appreciate the rich harmony and togetherness enjoyed by both animals.

From walks though the city to trips through the woods, the trio stood together all the time and would always allow their precious moments to be captured on photos. If you take a look at the amazing shots she has taken, you will soon get to appreciate just how precious this union is.

If you want to see more of their amazing shots together, then be sure to take a look at @xuamina_photographie. She’s a fantastic photographer, and does a lot to show us that things like race, species and skin color mean nothing: we can all be happy together regardless of background or our differences to one another.

If only people were quite as friendly and as welcoming as these two amazing animals!

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