This Dog-Loving Couple’s Project Ensured 100 Senior Dogs Found Welcoming Homes
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This Dog-Loving Couple’s Project Ensured 100 Senior Dogs Found Welcoming Homes

One of the saddest sights, when you walk through a dog shelter, is all the senior dogs that have been left there to spend the last few years of their lives. People rarely pick an elderly dog to adopt over the young, energetic pups in the shelter, but this is something a generous couple from Clifton, New York, have set out to rectify.

Mariesa and Chris Hughes founded something called The Mr. Mo Project in 2014 to honor their sweet senior dog, Moses, and to provide other senior dogs with happy homes to spend their final years in.

A Senior Dog-Loving Duo

Mariesa and Chris Hughes have always had dogs, more than one at a time, at times. These two are undoubtedly dog-lovers. It’s apparent as soon as you walk in their home, from the toys to the custom-made bed created to house all of their pets at night. They’ve also had a passion for dog fostering but the loss of their adorable Moses led them to change their approach.

Moses had been put in a shelter because of his old age, but in 2012, Mariesa and Chris brought him into their home. Though the plan at first was just to foster him until he found a permanent home, they fell so in love with him that they decided to adopt him as theirs.

Their kind “elderbull” found his way onto Facebook as Mariesa and Chris went out of their way to make his last few years the best of his life. However, it was never meant to last forever.

Honoring Moses’ Legacy

Moses was diagnosed with spinal cancer in February 2014 and passed away just a couple of months after his initial diagnosis. The whole process was so expensive, and Mariesa and Chris finally realized from experience why people were so slow to adopt senior dogs.

It’s much more costly than the average person could afford! Out of love for their elderly pup, they set their minds towards remedying the situation for others by helping to support other senior dogs with unique health issues.

There were hundreds of dogs stuck in shelters that would most likely never leave because of their old age and the expense of caring for them. Mariesa and Chris looked at this and began an organization in Moses’ honor for the purpose of lessening the costs of caring for a senior dog. Now, just a few years after starting The Mr. Mo Project Senior Dog Rescue, they’ve been able to rectify the sad situations of hundreds of dogs.

A Life-Saving Project

The Mr. Mo Project was set up by the sweet couple to be a support to average families that adopt senior dogs. They promote the adoption of senior dogs by coveting to help cover medical and vet bills. They also provide free transportation for pets and have managed to get senior families doggie-service discounts through the organization.

Their organization has been a literal life-saver to hundreds of dogs as caring for older pups takes a huge toll on an average family’s wallet.

It all started with the loveable Moses, and now hundreds of other pups can enjoy the last few years of their lives just like he did. Mariesa and Chris’s work goes on, and they continue to aid elderly pups and the families that adopt them. All these dogs are now experiencing permanent, loving homes and happy lives!

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