Want To Feel Better? Imagine Cuddling Puppies On These Beaches
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Want To Feel Better? Imagine Cuddling Puppies On These Beaches

Two things in life are almost guaranteed to make us happy – beaches and puppies. Going to the beach with a puppy is naturally a very fun experience, giving you both the chance to really enjoy sunning it up. However, one thing that you might not have fully considered is the concept of going to a beach just to pet a puppy. And now?

That’s not quite the amazing dream that you might think it is. You can actually do this, at a few beaches from across the world.

Being able to relax on the beautiful beaches of the world whilst spending time with a puppy sounds like perfection. Life is all about relaxing and having some fun, and what better way to have some fun than with the help of an adorable little dog?

If you head on over to the Turks & Caicos, you’ll be introduced to an area that looks like an absolute paradise. You simply need to come on down to the amazing Providenciales, a location that combines rescued puppies with warm, white sanded beaches.

This is thanks to the rescue team, too, over at Potcake Place. These brilliant people make it easier than ever for you to look after your beloved dogs, ensuring that you can meet up with the canine of your choice and have some fun along the way.

Run by Jane Parker-Rauw the company has around 70 rescues in its care and helps with the adoption process for hundreds of dogs year-in, year-out. All of their staff are volunteers, and help dogs that have been abandoned, abused or neglected in some way.

Why potcakes?

These dogs are known as the potcakes breed because people tend to feed them with the peas and rice mixture that is often found in pots here. These adorable little dogs are a happy blend of a German Shepherd, English Fox Terrier and Labrador Retriever.

One look into their adorable eyes will help you to see why so many people choose to come to this amazing part of the world. It’s not just for the sun and the sea, but to spend time with an exceptional little dog!

Thanks to the intense heat and lack of protection in the area, the dogs are at risk of both natural and man-made threats. From parvo infections to heatworm through to poisoning or simply being run over, many dogs sadly perish in these lands.

Potcakes Place looks to help protect the puppies of the island, giving them a safe haven to stay within. Any money brought in is then used to help care for dogs, and bring in supplies to aid with their healthy, happy upbringing.

You simply need to come here and then pick a puppy for yourself. You’ll get a kit with all the tools that you need to care for the canine of your choice, and help your puppy to get used to spending time with people. If you happen to become inseparable, then you could even adopt it.

If that does not sound like paradise, then we aren’t really sure what does!

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