Woman Wanted to Adopt A Dog: Adopts The Whole Shelter
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Woman Wanted to Adopt A Dog: Adopts The Whole Shelter

If you love dogs you are certain to have a soft spot for any pup in need of a little TLC.  This is certainly the case for Danielle Eden.  Danielle is the founder of Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, a dog rescue organization in Ontario, Canada which includes over 50-acres of property.

When Danielle visited Israel the sight of the dogs living in an Israeli shelter touched her heart. The dogs were hungry and overcrowded so, along with her husband, Rob, she decided she was going to rescue them all.

Sharing the Love

If an animal is ill, disabled or neglected taking care of them can be a challenge.  Sometimes it is hard to see the qualities that are hiding inside.  However Danielle and Rob Eden understand that giving a dog a second chance has its own rewards when the love, gratitude and loyalty of a dog starts to shine through.

They have seen first hand the kind of transformation a dog can make when it is cared for, fed well and given loving kindness.

The Eden family run the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary. Based in Ontario, Canada the shelter has dogs from all backgrounds and Danielle likes to give that precious second chance to the dogs who may have a hard time finding a loving forever home.  Whenever she visits Israel, she always expects to take a couple of dogs back home with her.

Canine Crusader

On one of her routine trips to her homeland, Israel, Danielle was unprepared for what would greet her when she visited a small dog shelter.  There were 250 dogs crammed into the shelter and with not enough food to go around fights would start.

Not only that but up to 6 dogs would share a small cage and there were rats in abundance.  Danielle was unable to just take one dog, leaving the rest to their fate. Instead, knowing she had to rescue them all, she went ahead and bought the entire shelter.

After this came the long process of getting the dogs out of Israel and into the Ontario shelter.  It took over six months but all of the dogs finally arrived in Canada.  Because of the publicity, and the viral video of the original shelter showing the appalling conditions there, there were many offers to adopt the dogs.

A Safe Haven

Danielle and Rob share their story and those of their canine residents on Facebook, and thanks to social media the tales of their furry residents and the work of the sanctuary has spread far and wide.  Thousands of people share on the stories and help to financially support the rescue.

The residents at the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary not only receive the best of food and medical care, they also have plenty of love and affection.  Many of the dogs that were saved from the terrible conditions in the Israeli shelter have now found their new forever homes.

Danielle works with staff and volunteers in Israeli to seek out the most neglected animals.  Although she knows she cannot save every dog that needs her, Danielle is committed to try her best.  Danielle and Rob continue to visit Israel with the plan to save at least one dog each time they make a trip.

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